Almost let the people hanging out on the hill behind my backyard stop me from laying out in my bra & cutoffs. But then… fuck that! 

I still feel like crap but the sun felt amazing. 

Also my belly is the palest.

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    If I knew it was that kind of party, I’d have stuck my dick in the mashed potatoes.
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    Haha! Thank ya. But you should just come down and have a beer. Don’t be a creepy hill lurker. :P
  3. itsadeathstar said: Squee! Awesome bra doll!
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    This cheered me up
  5. vladtepid said: Good for you!
  6. kitsunehotaru said: In your other pictures, your legs look pale, but they look super tan in this picture! I love it! And I hope the sun helped you feel better!
  7. roadxzombie said: Also , your belly is the cutest
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    So much goodness going on right here.

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  • Posted: 11 July 2013